Unofficial ArchLinux i586 Port

Learn more about how to use the ArchLinux distribution on your older Pentium-class systems.

Since I am personally using quite a few i586 based machines around here for various tasks, it annoys me to no end that I cannot use my favourite distribution on all machines, thereby reducing administration overhead by a considerable amount. Out of this need I decided to finally take up on the task of creating a bootable CD image of ArchLinux, based on packages built for the i586.

As you might have guessed, it was a success.

During the next week(s) I will try to compile the complete 'current' tree of ArchLinux from scratch and arrange CVS and repository download possibilities. Until then, please feel free to download and test the iso image!

Download current iso image! (pre0.7-040527)
MD5SUM: e087b60e5e53d6d50b396411e4085f2c

Please be a nice neighbour and don't overuse the available bandwidth. I'd recommend burning this image to a normal CD-R, as a few older CD-ROMs fail to read CD-RWs.

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